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Malachite + Dalmatian Jasper  Rox Box

Rox Box

Malachite + Dalmatian Jasper Rox Box

malachite bundle.jpg
Malachite box.jpg
malachite bundle.jpg
Malachite box.jpg
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Malachite + Dalmatian Jasper Rox Box


This bundle includes:

  • 1 selenite
  • Small stones including 1 kyanite, 1 quartz, 1 geode
  • 1 malachite necklace
  • 1 dalmatian jasper bracelet 

No substitutions please. 

The only change you can customize is the size of the bracelet. Included size is 7" (a women's small) please let me know if you need to adjust sizes

Size reference: 
7" women's small/regular
7.5" women's regular/medium
8" women's large & men's small/medium

*custom size available for bracelets only.

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